This book consists of 33 dialogues presented in Russia...➤ MyBook

Цитата из книги «Диалоги по развитию навыков устной речи. Английский язык»

This book consists of 33 dialogues presented in Russian, in British English and in American English and of words to translate the Russian options into English. Primarily there were only texts in Russian and words for translation in the book, that was it, but I understood in that shape and size the book was not very popular, so I decided to add a translation into English for each dialogue. So I translated all the 33 texts into English. That seemed like a bit better. But I remembered there were a lot of books and manuals and textbooks made on that scheme already. It would be better to change the structure a little bit, I thought. So I decided to give each dialogue in three variants: In Russian, in English, and in American English. I’m not sure whether it’s the first time or not the first time that British and American branches are represented in one book but I didn’t have a chance so far to come across that kind of book, anyway. To implement that idea, I sent my translations to a friend of mine, a young Brit Vanessa Heathcock and asked her to convert the texts into British English and then I sent the same translations to my American friends, Stephen Mountman and Barbara Tylor, and asked them to convert the texts into American English and they all did that and I appreciate their help very much. Reading a new version of the book is a captivating pastime, because though on the one hand the Brits and Americans speak the same language, on the other they do it quite differently. So here is the new enhanced version of the book, and I’ll be very grateful to you all, my dear readers, if you send me at least a couple of words of your opinion about it
8 февраля 2022