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A Fallen Woman

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2019 год
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An unforgettable saga, full of romance, shocking secrets and page-turning scandal . . .In the Black Country a scandal is set to hit the town … but can Aurelia Sampson survive?All seems well in the Black Country, Aurelia having sacrificed her own happiness for her newly found half-sister’s future after returning from a separation to her husband’s bleak and unhappy house. That is until Benjamin discovers that Aurelia had an affair, and serves her with divorce, demanding custody of his son.Aurelia, once a woman with the world at her feet, suddenly finds herself a fallen woman. As the rumours of her disgrace are discussed in shops and street corners, Aurelia finds herself destitute. But despite her circumstances Aurelia knows she must survive and she’ll do anything it takes to get her son back…Concluding the gripping story begun in A Country Girl, don’t miss this unforgettable new saga.

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Год издания: 2019

ISBN (EAN): 9780008134884