Just Britain. Учебно-методическое пособие

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Учебно-методическое пособие Just Britain предназначено для бакалавров факультета «Зарубежное регионоведение» и может быть рекомендовано для изучающих английский язык как первый, так и второй иностранный для углубления фоновых знаний в области страноведения. Вниманию обучающихся представлены тексты, подобранные из оригинальных источников – средств массовой информации и из международных справочных материалов. Цель пособия: ознакомить учащихся с политическим устройством Великобритании, ее экономикой, судебной системой, средствами массовой информации, рассказать о проблемах защиты окружающей среды и культуры. Тексты снабжены заданиями, предусматривающими дальнейшее самостоятельное изучение проблемы бакалаврами и их живое участие в дискуссиях.

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Правообладатель: Проспект

Дата написания: 2017

Год издания: 2016

ISBN (EAN): 9785392175581

Объем: 91.5 тыс. знаков

  1. the Saxon kingdoms. The proud Romans of the early centuries of our era habitually spoke of Britain as “on the edge of the habitable globe”, by which they meant outside the civilization of the Mediterranean world. The peoples speaking a Celtic language were the earliest Britons of whom we have written records. Strictly speaking the term “Celtic” is a linguistic one, and refers to a branch of the Indo-European languages. There is no “Celtic race or group of tribes”, or any “Celtic area”. The Celtic languages have probably been spoken in the British Isles for more than
    6 декабря 2017
  2. Introductory word There is no need to explain how important it is today to know foreign languages. Communication has never been an easy thing, even between the people who have an enormous background of shared values and experience. Even if you are talking directly and clearly to them, they may not be hearing you. Misunderstanding is often caused by misinterpreting. Even if you know the words, and phrases, and grammar, and prepositions, sometimes “it does not ring the bell”. Without knowing the background, the people’s history and culture, their humor and their patterns of values, you will unlikely bring your idea to the opposite mind. Learn the roots, the nation’s mentality, way of life. The in-depth study of the nation of the language you study will contribute tremendously to your communication with people.
    6 декабря 2017
  3. Great Britain: exit impossible – to stay Great Britain will try to stake on distancing away from the central bodies of the EU without leaving the EU for the preservation of the national sovereignty and freedom of maneuver in Europe. Continental European capitals are inclined to accept the model of overcoming the crisis through deeper economic and political integration with transferring even more amount of sovereign power to the EU offered by Germany in this background. Great Britain plays its own game offering not so much an all-European strategy as its own positioning in the future EU. It consists in the idea that London aspires to take a limited part in the European financial system, simultaneously showing a desire to stay in the single market. Thus, great Britain doesn’t want greater integration into the existing or new European institutions, but intends to keep the membership in the European Union under the conditions of the absence of rigid requirements to concede the national sovereignty in favor of the bureaucracy in Brussels. The position of Britain on the whole is supported by Hungary and Czechia which also aspire to avoid a complete control from Brussels. However the plan of Britain’s exit from the EU isn’t fantastic and can become a real one in case of the victory of the German strategy of overcoming the crisis. It is no coincidence that in summer of this year representatives of the ruling Conservative party prepared the report in which they seriously considered the possibility of exit of the country from the EU and taking the position which is occupied now by Norway – the maximum integration into the EU without membership. The stake on the new development, original modernization of the “British Commonwealth” which can play the role of the alternative of the EU with the centre in London can
    28 ноября 2017