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His Wedding

His Wedding

His Wedding
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2019 год
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Losthampton Heiress Found!Kidnapped as a toddler twenty-five years ago, Janet Abbott is finally back where she belongs, and just in time to see her two long-lost brothers get married. The whole clan welcomes her with open arms–except for the person whose arms she'd most like to be in, that is.Brian Girard, the «illegitimate Abbott,» wants to avoid the festivities like the plague, afraid the press will dredge up old scandals, embarrass the family and make him look like a gold digger–or worse. But Janet's an Abbott in every sense of the word and doesn't like to lose.Which explains why persuading him to join the wedding party is the first step in her grand plan to get the last «legitimate» Abbott–Janet herself–to the altar, as well!The Abbots

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Год издания: 2019

ISBN (EAN): 9781474020435