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Mckinley's Miracle

Mckinley's Miracle

Mckinley's Miracle
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2019 год
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HE WAS THE KIND OF MAN MOTHERS WARNED THEIR DAUGHTERS ABOUT….Clayton McKinley was as rugged as the Australian Outback and sexy as sin with his ranch-bronzed skin and knee-weakening smile that no woman could resist. Until Lucy Warner moved in next door…Caring and independent, Lucy resolved to give her foster children a new start in Cable Creek. Her plans didn't include her charming neighbor wreaking havoc in her life and making her dream of things she had no right to want. Still, when trouble arose, Clayton's arms offered both refuge and help–for a time. But the true miracle would occur if this feisty woman ended up winning the confirmed bachelor for good!

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Год издания: 2019

ISBN (EAN): 9781474010276