A Tramp Abroad

A Tramp Abroad
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The book details a journey by the author, with his friend Harris (a character created for the book, and based on his closest friend, Joseph Twichell), through central and southern Europe. While the stated goal of the journey is to walk most of the way, the men find themselves using other forms of transport as they traverse the continent.

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  • Chapter I
  • Chapter II. Heidelberg
  • Chapter III. Baker’s Blue-jay Yarn
  • Chapter IV. Student Life
  • Chapter V. At the Students’ Dueling-Ground
  • Chapter VI
  • Chapter VII
  • Chapter VIII. The Great French Duel
  • Chapter IX
  • Chapter X
  • Chapter XI
  • Chapter XII
  • Chapter XIII
  • Chapter XIV
  • Chapter XV. Down The River
  • Chapter XVI. An Ancient Legend of the Rhine
  • Chapter XVII
  • Chapter XVIII
  • Chapter XIX
  • Chapter XX
  • Chapter XXI
  • Chapter XXII
  • Chapter XXIII
  • Chapter XXIV
  • Chapter XXV
  • Chapter XXVI
  • Chapter XXVII
  • Chapter XXVIII
  • Chapter XXIX
  • Chapter XXX
  • Chapter XXXI
  • Chapter XXXII
  • Chapter XXXIII
  • Chapter XXXIV
  • Chapter XXXV
  • Chapter XXXVI
  • Chapter XXXVII
  • Chapter XXXVIII
  • Chapter XXXIX
  • Chapter XL
  • Chapter XLI
  • Chapter XLII
  • Chapter XLIII
  • Chapter XLIV
  • Chapter XLV. A Catastrophe Which Cost Eleven Lives
  • Chapter XLVI
  • Chapter XLVII
  • Chapter XLVIII
  • Chapter XLIX
  • Chapter L
  • Appendix
  • Appendix A. The Portier
  • Appendix B. Heidelberg Castle
  • Appendix C. The College Prison
  • Appendix D. The Awful German Language
  • Appendix E. Legend of the Castles
  • Appendix F. German Journals
  • Примечания