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The Indian in the Cupboard Trilogy

The Indian in the Cupboard Trilogy

The Indian in the Cupboard Trilogy
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2018 год
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Three bestselling stories about Omri, and his friend Patrick, who turns his plastic Red Indian, Little Bull, into a real miniature person.The Indian in the CupboardWho’d want a boring little plastic Red Indian as a birthday present? Omri doesn’t – until his brother gives him a very special cupboard which can make the Indian come alive…Return of the IndianOmri is unexpectedly reminded of his beloved Red Indian, and can’t resist making sure he’s still all right. But when he opens the cupboard door Little Bull is wounded, nearly dead, and Omri must find help.The Secret of the IndianOmri’s friend Patrick goes back in time to the Wild West, and keeping the secret safe becomes even more difficult for Omri…

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Год издания: 2018

ISBN (EAN): 9780007405022