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One Perfect Man

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2019 год
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THE PERFECT NIGHT…Single-minded events planner Erica Goncalves was stuck on maintaining her independence–even if it meant turning down a job to keep a sexy single father away. But after he made an offer she couldn't refuse, Miss Independence learned that passionate love could smolder but not smother.COULD IT LEAD TO A LIFETIME OF MORE?Tomas Garza needed Erica's help turning his daughter Hope's quinceañera into the perfect night. And though he was immediately drawn to Erica, Tomas wouldn't risk having his daughter's heart broken–or his own–by getting involved with a woman who swore home and hearth were not for her. Still, he found Erica irresistible. Could he convince this career woman to turn in her single status for the family plan?

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Год издания: 2019

ISBN (EAN): 9781472081643