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The Viscount

The Viscount

The Viscount
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2019 год
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SHE WAS A VICAR'S DAUGHTER–AND HE WAS THE DEVIL DUQUESNEBut when Lady Lily Bradshaw found herself in dire straits in a London hellhole, she knew Lord Guy was her last best hope–to save her sanity, safeguard her son and rouse her slumbering passions to a new dawn of desire!There was something to be said for a woman with a mettlesome spirit…and Lily Bradshaw struck Viscount Guy Duquesne, who courted danger daily, as a kindred soul. Indeed, she'd survived abduction, imprisonment and hot pursuit to appear before him breechclad with a poignant appeal for help–and an irresistible request for his hand…in marriage!

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Год издания: 2019

ISBN (EAN): 9781472040961