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Rich Man, Poor Bride

Rich Man, Poor Bride

Rich Man, Poor Bride
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2019 год
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Dearest Godmother,I've almost perfected playing matchmaker, but for my next headstrong couple I need your advice!A rich, sexy Latino doctor sounds like every woman's dream, right? Well, not for the Jane-of-all-trades on my hotel staff. Ruthie Fernandez says she's already had her happy marriage, and all she wants now, even two years after her husband's death, is to care for her beloved mother-in-law. But I've seen the way she looks at smooth-talking Diego Vargas. She may think their worlds are too different, but isn't the heat between them enough to burn down any barriers…especially with the help of a little magic from me?Merry

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Год издания: 2019

ISBN (EAN): 9781472080141