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For Her Child...

For Her Child...

For Her Child...
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2019 год
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THE LITTLEST SECRETSingle mom Kara Taylor was bristling for a showdown. Her dad had gone and gambled away the family ranch, forcing Kara to confront the new owner to reclaim her son's birthright. But that owner happened to be Ty Murdock, the no-good cowboy who'd long ago left Bootlick for the rodeo…and unwittingly, a pregnant Kara.Deal with the handsome devil Kara would–for her son's sake. But marry him? Yet that was Ty's astonishing offer to make Kara's little cowboy his heir. Close proximity would make resisting Ty's charm and raw appeal next to impossible. Even worse, he had no idea that her son was his…and that tiny secret could lead to Texas-size trouble!

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Год издания: 2019

ISBN (EAN): 9781474025171