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Lone Star Rancher

Lone Star Rancher

Lone Star Rancher
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2019 год
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Jessica Miller's life could be ripped from the headlines: Gorgeous New York Model Flees From Stalker. But as her twisted admirer becomes more fixated–and more dangerous–she has only one choice. To pack her bags and retreat to her only remaining refuge–Red Rock, Texas, and Clyde Fortune's ranch…the last place on earth she expects to find love.When Clyde opens the door to his home, the brooding loner must eventually admit he's opened up his heart for the first time in years. Still, he can't shake the feeling Jessica is hiding something more than her feelings for him. And if there's anything he's learned from the past, it's that secrets have the power to destroy any chance for a future built on hope.

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Год издания: 2019

ISBN (EAN): 9781472086891