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Having Gabriel's Baby

Having Gabriel's Baby

Having Gabriel's Baby
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2019 год
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Bundles of JoyPARDON ME, BUT THERE'S A NAKED MAN IN MY BED…Joelle Ames had planned her vacation meticulously, but waking up with sexy tourist Gabriel Lafleur–and no memory of the night before–wasn't on the itinerary! Why, she hardly knew him, even though he produced a very questionable «marriage certificate»!What on earth had possessed Gabriel to get himself hitched on his first vacation in years? Surely the union wasn't legal. He and Joelle could just go their separate ways and forget the whole thing.But their actions had consequences, and theirs was due in nine months, just enough time for them to get used to being called «Mom» and «Dad»–as well as «Mr.» and «Mrs.»!Bundles of Joy. Sometimes small packages can lead to the biggest surprises!

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Год издания: 2019

ISBN (EAN): 9781472069047