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The Story of the Estonian Health Insurance Fund. 20 Years of Treatment and Insurance

The Story of the Estonian Health Insurance Fund. 20 Years of Treatment and Insurance
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  • II. Formation of the Estonian Health Insurance System: 1992–2000
  • The Story of the Health Insurance Act
  • 1991 – Entry into Force of the Health Insurance Act
  • Formation of Prices of Health Care Services
  • The Origination and Work of Health Insurance Funds
  • How the Central Health Insurance Fund Originated
  • Establishment of the Family Physician System
  • 1994–1997 A Time of Major Changes
  • Strengthening the Health Insurance Fund’s Status, Adopting the Current Bearing
  • World Bank Aid and Health Care Reforms
  • Health Care Reform: Package of New Legislation
  • Reforms as Seen by a Lawyer
  • Reforms Take Effect: Like from a Textbook
  • Establishment of the Hospital Network Development Plan
  • Change in the Medication Compensation System, Introduction of Reference Prices
  • III. Entrenching of the Chosen Direction: 2001–2012
  • Strategic Development Plan
  • Creation of New Systems
  • Updating Price Formation for Health Care Services
  • Origination of the Competency Model and Scorecard System
  • Selection of Health Care Services Providers
  • Improving the Quality of Health Care Services
  • Creation of an Electronic Certificate of Incapacity for Work
  • Creation of Digital Prescription
  • Transition from Paper Prescriptions to Digital Prescription
  • Much Remains to Do
  • Economic Crisis of 2008–2010
  • Use of Reserves
  • Difficult Decisions
  • Medical Treatment Waiting Lists
  • About the Future of Health Insurance as Seen by the Health Insurance Fund
  • A Glance into the Future
  • The Future Perspectives of Health Insurance
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