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Supper Club: Recipes and notes from the underground restaurant

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2019 год


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‘Outrageously Good’ – Kate NashThis is the innovative, fun and utterly delicious cookbook from London’s premier supperclub.For a fixed price and a bottle of wine, people all over the world are sitting down in the homes of strangers to enjoy a lovingly prepared, restaurant-quality dinner. From New York to London to Cuba, these supper clubs and pop-up restaurants offer an alternative experience for those looking for a new, fun and exciting dining experience. You won’t find these restaurants in any city guide – they are strictly for those in-the-know, if you’re lucky enough to get a much coveted reservation.Supper Club is homage to the secret restaurant phenomenon. In this wildly creative and wonderfully eccentric cookbook by Kerstin Rodgers, owner of London’s famous Underground Restaurant, you’ll find Kerstin’s inventive and delicious recipes and themed menus, peppered with her helpful hints, tips and wild experiences. You’ll also be treated to Kerstin’s down-to-earth advice on how to run your own home restaurant, and a directory of other supper clubs of note around the world (just don’t tell anyone). In few other cookbooks will you find recipes such as elderflower fritters alongside home favourites such as Macaroni and cheese.Supper Club will appeal to home chefs and budding underground restaurateurs alike, and is a must-have for anyone who wants to experience the cutting edge of eating in.Recipes Include:Yuzu cevicheTinda MasalaThai corn fritters with dipping sauceChav’s White chocolate trifle with MalibuSavoury yoghurt granita with caramelised pine nuts, preserved lemons and torn basilPork Belly with sage and fennel stuffingBabaganoushKissing ChutneyThai Green Spinach soupEggplant parmesan or melanzana alla parmigianaSalt Baked fishEdanamePear, walnut and gorgonzola saladBloody MarmiteyTomatillo salsa with chilli en adobeDuck breast with rhubarb compoteCrack Cocaine Padron PeppersButterbeerFocaccia bread ‘shots’Bergamot posset with crystallised thyme with lavender shortbread

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