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Elegance and Innocence: 2-Book Collection

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2018 год


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‘Elegance is a fantastic book . . . funny, moving, tongue in cheek’ Cat DeeleyELEGANCELouise Canova is at a crossroads in her life. Browsing in a second-hand bookshop, she stumbles across a faded grey volume. Written by a formidable French fashion expert, Elegance is an encyclopedia of style. Within the book's pages Louise discovers a courage she never thought possible. For true elegance cannot be attained until she is comfortable in her own skin: only then might love flourish.INNOCENCEIt's 1987 and Evie is leaving home for the first time, headed for London to study acting. Along with her fellow students and roommates, Imogene (a born again Laura Ashley poster child and frustrated virgin) and Robbie (native New Yorker, budding bohemian, and very much not a virgin), Evie's determined to make her mark both on stage and off. But then life and love intervene. And everything changes.

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