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Witness... And Wife?

Witness... And Wife?

Witness... And Wife?
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2019 год
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THE LEAST LIKELY BODYGUARD…When Cassie Bowers awoke in a hospital bed to see her ex-husband, she was bewildered–and bombarded by bittersweet memories. But she soon discovered that Luke Slater hadn't come back to discuss old times or what might have been. He was here as a detective, to uncover the one thing Cassie COULDN'T remember: a killer's identity.Luke knew Cassie's amnesia wouldn't last forever. But until she recalled the details of the murder she had witnessed, he would keep her safe. He knew how headstrong and impulsive she could be, but he still loved her enough to risk his life for her….

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Год издания: 2019

ISBN (EAN): 9781472078711