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The Power of Women

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2018 год
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Feminism is often presented as a women’s movement, but the truth is that harnessing women’s untapped potential will make everyone better off… including men!Looking to our personal relationships, social and cultural climate and business and economic potential, The Power of Women debunks the myths around feminism, and proves why an intersectional approach to bringing women to the table is key to personal, social and economic progress for society as a whole.Praise for June Sarpong’s Diversify:‘June Sarpong examines the research behind diversity and discrimination while grounding them in personal narratives, highlighting our common humanity.’ Kofi Annan, co-recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize‘I am so glad June Sarpong is working on this matter of diversity.’ Desmond Tutu“A passionately written polemic” You Magazine‘An engaging read with lots of important and good ideas’ Stylist‘May prove to be our handbook to negotiate these troubled times’ Psychologies

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Год издания: 2018

ISBN (EAN): 9780008306779