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Mistress Masquerade

Mistress Masquerade

Mistress Masquerade
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2018 год
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UNEXPECTED TREASURE…Humiliated and betrayed by men, Lady Annemarie Golding has isolated herself from society. After a chance discovery of some intimate letters that could tarnish the Prince Regent's name she sees an opportunity to get revenge on erring husbands everywhere.Only Lord Jacques Verne stands in her way. An aide to the Prince, he has his orders to obtain the letters–at any cost. His pursuit of Annemarie is deliciously persuasive…but if she agrees to become his mistress can she be sure it's truly her he wishes to possess?"Charming, romantic…a feast for the history lover."–RT Book Reviews on Scandalous Innocent

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Год издания: 2018

ISBN (EAN): 9781472043573