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Lavender Oil: Nature’s Soothing Herb

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2019 год
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The ebook edition of our healthy explorer guide to the most popular and accesible of aromatherapy oils.The scent of lavender instantly soothes and relaxes. It’s one of the few aromatherapy herbs that that nearly everybody has access to and it has been a popular healing herb in the home for many hundreds of years.Our guide tells the story of lavender through the years and shows how we can use the gentle healing power of lavender to help with a range of physical and emotional health problems.Lavender is particularly useful for women and children but is useful for all the family for a range of problems including:• Headaches & migraines• Insomnia & children’s trouble with sleeping• Insect bites, burns, cuts & wounds• Depression, stress & anxiety• P.M.T. and painful periods• Skin care – including spots and ulcers• Muscle aches and strains

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Год издания: 2019

ISBN (EAN): 9780008105785