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Body language in Flirt & Romance

Body language in Flirt & Romance
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This is a great book for increasing your knowledge of body language and psychology in the area of flirt and love. We concentrate on the body signs of flirting, romance, stability and impending break-up while also speaking in depth about the psychology of love. What sets this book apart from existing body language books are the over 70 real life photos with detailed analyses of the body language being displayed. A simple to read and a fascinating adventure into the most important human subject – love. Julia Brook (alias Ülli Kukumägi)– the author of the book, has for many years been teaching psychology and non-verbal communication (including lie detection, and identification of psychopaths). She is a practicing hypnotherapist working with clients. “The body and the subconscious will react first. Afterwards, attitudes, thoughts and actions follow.”

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