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Marry Me, Kate

Marry Me, Kate

Marry Me, Kate
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2018 год
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LUCKY CHARM SISTERSKATE:Join her this monthMAGGIE:Coming in February 1999SUSAN:Don't miss her in March 1999THE TWELVE-MONTH MARRIAGETheir marriage was a business agreement, plain and simple. Will Hardison needed a wife to prevent women from chasing his millions. Kate O'Connor needed help so she could build her late father's dream. So they struck a deal–they'd marry for one year, and both of their problems would be solved.Of course, there would be no touching…or kissing…or making soul-searing love…or giving away hearts. But then came the wedding night…!The Lucky Charm Sisters: A boss, a brain and a beauty. Three sisters marry for convenience…but will they find love?

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Год издания: 2018

ISBN (EAN): 9781472070319