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In TWANG: a novel, former Country Music publicist John Schlimm peels back the industry-crafted cliché of Nashville and its beloved superstars.  He takes readers backstage of the sold-out concerts, inside the homes and heads of Nashville’s elite, and introduces them to a side of show business that has yet to be revealed.  Readers are whisked away on a wild ride to a provocative and quirky place with fictional characters, who seem strikingly familiar, and who will leave the readers shocked, titillated, laughing, and realizing that the real world of Country Music is far more compelling and scandal-ridden than they could ever have imagined.

  • Правообладатель: автор
  • Дата написания: 2011
  • Год издания: 2011
  • ISBN (EAN): 9780578085456
  • Дата поступления: 10 октября 2012