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Angels And Elves

Angels And Elves

Angels And Elves
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2018 год
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Mr. NovemberName: Forrest MacAllister – confirmed bachelor/family man MaritalStatus: Single (but who needed a wife with all the MacAllister babies around?)Honors: MacAllister family Baby Bet ChampionThe most important thing in Forrest's busy life was his family and their quirky traditions, from angels-and-elves assignments to complicated Baby Bets. Until his very pregnant, matchmaking sister asked him to take on a special assignment… Jillian Jones-Jenkins.One look at the sexy brunette had Forrest thinking about things he never thought possible… like brides and babies and happily ever after. Unfortunately, the lady in question had a project of her own – getting Forrest MacAllister married… but not to her!

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Год издания: 2018

ISBN (EAN): 9781408990025