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Mistletoe Marriage

Mistletoe Marriage

Mistletoe Marriage
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2018 год
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It could happen to you!A CHRISTMAS WISH…For Sophie Beckwith, Christmas this year means having to face the ex who dumped her and then married her sister! Only one person can help–her best friend Bram.A YULETIDE PROPOSAL…Bram used to be engaged to Sophie's sister. Now, determined to show «the lovebirds» that they've moved on, he's come up with a plan: he's proposed–to Sophie!A MISTLETOE MARRIAGE!It's crazy, but it would be only pretend…wouldn't it? Now their wedding day is here and Sophie's feelings for Bram have drastically changed. Her deepest wish now is for Bram to say «I do»–for real!

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Год издания: 2018

ISBN (EAN): 9781474014861