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Bride for Hire

Bride for Hire

Bride for Hire
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2019 год
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For better and for worse!Seth Carrington needed a girlfriend and Daisy needed a ticket to the Caribbean…it seemed like a fair exchange! But having survived Seth's extremely thorough interviewing technique–which included kissing–Daisy began to have her doubts. Seth was high-handed and completely ruthless…except when he smiled; then he was devastatingly attractive.Smile or no, Daisy had to face facts: her job was strictly temporary; she was being paid to act as a decoy for Seth's secret affair with a glamorous woman. The terms of the agreement were crystal-clear–but there was no clause about love!Jessica Hart has a wonderful talent for «building a stunning love story you won't want to see end.»–Romantic Times

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Год издания: 2019

ISBN (EAN): 9781472067005