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2018 год
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Pleasure is her business. Sex is her currency… Another sexy story from Mischief Books.Climb under the covers and learn the sizzling secrets of life as a successful madam …Fresh out of college, Peach has the world at her feet. But after a series of dead-end jobs she's feeling the pressure. Until a stint as a brothel's receptionist changes her life for ever.Soon, Peach's own agency is the most successful in the city, and life is a whirl of exclusive parties and drug-fuelled orgies.Threesomes, S&M, role playing … no matter how depraved, Peach and her girls can fulfil all desires. But though business is booming, it's at a cost. Peach must protect these damaged, often desperate girls from violent clients as well as the cops.Then Peach meets the love of her life and falls pregnant. She craves a normal life, a family – but can she reconcile a life in suburbia with the demands of her trade …?And does she really want to?

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Год издания: 2018

ISBN (EAN): 9780007479702