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One Mother Wanted

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2019 год
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Two-parent family?Allie Lassiter takes pity on the shy little four-year-old at her sister's wedding. Then she discovers who the child's father is: the man Allie has spent years trying to avoid. The man who betrayed her. The man she loved–still loves. Zane Peters.Reluctantly, Allie finds herself back in Zane's life. She gets to know him again–and Hannah, his motherless daughter. All Zane needs to win his custody battle with Hannah's grandparents is a wife. His heart sings with hope when Allie offers to marry him for Hannah's sake. Can he now make Allie his wife for real?HOPE VALLEY BRIDESFour weddings, on Colorado family

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Год издания: 2019

ISBN (EAN): 9781472067975