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Five secrets of a healthy life
Irina Bjørnø

Proofreader Jeanne Richardson

© Irina Bjørnø, 2019

ISBN 978-5-4496-2110-8

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This book is written to give you the answer to the most fundamental question in your life: How to build and maintain a high energy level all the life through.

What is health? Absence of illness? Not really. From my own experience it is more the capacity of extra resources (energies) in the body systems. Good health – big capacity, which means tolerance and easy adaptation with changing external condition, where bad health is low (sometimes zero) capacities for tolerance over changing external conditions. How to extend your capacity? Answer is in our book. Read it, think over it, and apply the parts which are appealing to you. Start with your nutrition’s – personal diet. It is the primary energy source.

We eat everyday to build our energy depots in order to use this energy during the activities of the day. External activities as physical, emotional and intellectual activities need energy and at the same time there are internal activities also demanding part of the energy resources: cell maintenance processes in the body for re-building, cleansing and waste removal processes.

We all have our individual eating habits, which we call personal diet. Sometimes we follow other people’s eating habits and sometimes we are pressed to some special eating rules or diets to correct some imbalances in the bodies (as weight control diet, cholesterol reduction diet, and other health problems diet).

All diets in the world are correct: low carbs, low calories, vegetarian, vegan, South Californian, Kremlin, blood type and many, many more. They are all correct, but for specific cases, selected persons, and have the wonderful results for limited time periods (sometimes long periods). What’s wrong with them? Nothing wrong – they are working well, but not for all and not for the all the times! Why? Because they are static! The same day after day, months after month…. But your body IS a dynamic system, not static!

That is first what you need to learn and accept today as a truth:

Yours wonderful, clever body is a changing biological system, and you are growing older day after day – it is fundamental law of life! You can not neglect this fact! There exist some fundamental lows in life which you can not change. One of them is the law of constant increasing the level of entropy – what the hell she is talking about? A little bit of explanation. Entropy is the measure for chaos. All this scientific fizz is about the chaos (disorder, disturbance) in your systems. In all systems. Your body is a biological system. It means that the law about increasing chaos is applicable to you too. Doesn’t matter what you do in your life – the chaos will increase in your systems and it will be the reason of your death. No way out. I will not bring you a happy gospel about possibilities to life ever. Not a way. You can not deceive the fundamental law. Chaos means that after some time with small changes her and there you will start to notice some dysfunctions in one or several body mechanisms and after while the increasing amount of disorder (what chaos is) in your body will lead to the natural destruction of you as a person. The question is at what speed. You can live/die (which is the same basically) with the speed of a racing car (just follow all of the impulses of your nature) or with the speed of carefully driven modern family car (with some speed-up periods of course). Some part of this speed you can not have influence on (it is in your gens – thank your parents!), but still part of this speed you can control and adjust. This entire book was created to help you to be the manager in driving your own car – yourself (as a sum of body/mind/intelligence). It is like the drivers licence: if you know the rules it will be no surprise if you receive the penalty in the form of illness or dysfunction.

This book is a manual for self study. It is not a medical book. It has the form of simple (but powerful) recommendations. If you are willing to implement some methods from this book to your lifestyle, please, remember, that it is your own responsibility. We advise that some people should have the professional consultation with health specialists before they make any adjustments in their daily lifestyle.

Dynamic and individually designed system – as your body is – demands dynamic and individual energy supply system. We design for you something very useful – Individual Energy Supply system – which is based upon individual lifestyle, including the personal diet, personal physical activities plan and personal anti-stress routines.

We call this system “handy” system. Your hand has 5 fingers. Remember 5 rules corresponding to each finger and follow these rules. Give yourself a hand! Give 5! And your life will be filled with more energy, more fun and more happiness!

I know that you are ready to change you life for better. How do I know? Because you read this book. You did your first step towards your high energy state. It is great! Congratulations! You are on the right path. But….

A lot of people read thousands of very clever books but their lives are still the same. Life needs your action, your active participation, your commitments and personal experience! Practice this book not read! And I promise you wonderful results – you will be amazed of your capacities!

Here is the sequence of topics which we will discuss together in this book:

Rule N.1 (Thumb finger): Nothing should be too much or too little in life: neither food, nor work activities, rest, pleasure, excitement – find your own Golden Path.

Rule N. 2 (Index finger): Invest every day a little time to learn the basic knowledge about body, mind and intellect! It is investment in your future (10 minutes are ok? Sounds as not too much)

Rule N 3 (Long finger): Less is more: What you eat today you will be tomorrow, how much you move today will affect you tomorrow, what you learn today you will become tomorrow. We will add “what and how much”. Build your unique “just and now” life strategy.

Rule N.4 (Ring finger): All changes take their time; therefore accept this fact and trust yourself that your strategy is the best for you.

Rule N.5 (Little finger): Enjoy your life scenario!

Energy is your personal background for happiness
Energy Food Strategy
A little bit about the weight problems
Hot Spring Drink – useful recipe
Our final story to you

Rule 1: Learn from your past experience

Nothing is good for your body and nothing is bad: everything can act as healing for a body and everything can be poison for a body: the difference is if you exceed your body’s ability to utilize the food or another external energy (as activities, pleasure of different kind, experiences or more) which your body uses daily in order to build the amount of energy enough for internal reconstruction and cleansing processes and for external work: physical, emotional and intellectual – you are in trouble! Balance in your body shows that you (and your body) are good working team and rewards are the good health and happy meaningful life. From this we draw the first rule:

Rule N.1 (Thumb finger): Nothing should be too much or too little in life: neither food, nor work activities, rest, pleasure, excitement – find your own Golden Path.

One wise man was asked: what is good for you and what is bad. His answer was very short and fully complete. The correct question


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Five secrets of a healthy life

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