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Reflexology: The 5 Elements and their 12 Meridians: A Unique Approach

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2019 год
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This complete self-teaching guide is the perfect handbook for beginners and students alike. It uniquely links Eastern and Western approaches to reflexology and health, making this a comprehensive guide to using the meridians and pressure points of the feet to treat a wide range of ailments.The ebook now includes illustrations.Reflexology, the gentle but highly effective form of therapeutic foot massage, has gained wide acceptance as a powerful, natural healing art. Remarkable results have been achieved with ailments such as back pain, chronic fatigue (ME), digestive problems, eczema, insomnia and migraine.Inge Dougans’s book includes her latest research into the benefits of her unique techniques and is a complete self-teaching guide suitable for beginners and students alike.Bringing together East and West by making clear the close connection between reflexology and Chinese meridian theory, internationally respected reflexologist Inge Dougans shows how the human body has its own internal energy lines – or acupuncture meridians – and reveals how to find and use the reflexology points and associated meridians on the foot to restore the body to its natural balance, prevent ill health and assist relaxation.This comprehensive handbook includes: • the history of reflexology and the Chinese meridian therapy • an explanation of how reflexology and the meridian theory work • illustrated step-by-step reflexology treatments for specific ailments • treatments of meridian disorders • case histories.

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Год издания: 2019

ISBN (EAN): 9780007374915