А Pirate of the Caribbees

А Pirate of the Caribbees
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  • Chapter One. A frigate fight in mid-Atlantic
  • Chapter Two. The Althea founders
  • Chapter Three. The gig is caught in a hurricane
  • Chapter Four. We fall in with and capture a schooner
  • Chapter Five. We proceed in search of the Althea’s boats
  • Chapter Six. We find the launch
  • Chapter Seven. A daring act of piracy
  • Chapter Eight. We capture a Spanish indiaman
  • Chapter Nine. We encounter and fight the Guerrilla
  • Chapter Ten. Señor José Garcia
  • Chapter Eleven. Cariacou—and afterward
  • Chapter Twelve. I become the victim of a villainous outrage
  • Chapter Thirteen. In the power of the enemy
  • Chapter Fourteen. I seize the felucca
  • Chapter Fifteen. Heavy weather
  • Chapter Sixteen. The last of the felucca
  • Chapter Seventeen. Captain Lemaitre
  • Chapter Eighteen. A double tragedy
  • Chapter Nineteen. The end of the Guerrilla