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A Miracle For Christmas

A Miracle For Christmas

A Miracle For Christmas
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2019 год
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A Christmas courtshipDamian McAllister didn't do Christmas. No presents, no carols, no mistletoe kisses. Christmas was just another day. Without the family he'd lost, what else could it be? It would take a miracle for him to fall in love again.Stephanie Redmond believed in happy-ever-afters–and miracles. It must have been fate that stranded her on Damian's doorstep one snowy Christmas Eve–with a sack of presents in her arms! Soft toys, cute fluffy animals…but no gift-wrapped miracles for Damian. One look into Damian's beautiful, sad eyes, however, and Stephanie was determined to work her own miracle with him!"Ms. Green spins an enchanting tale with marvelous characterization."–Romantic Times

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Год издания: 2019

ISBN (EAN): 9781472066893