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Moscow USA

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2018 год


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О книге

A major international thriller now available as an ebook for the first time.A superbly plotted novel flowing from Moscow to London and New York, the definitive thriller about the explosion of greed that is the new Russia, the murky forces operating within and behind it, and our involvement with them.A love story, a thriller, a mystery. It begins with the failure of a CIA agent to prevent the assassination of a Russian double-agent trying to tip him off about the coup to topple Gorbachev in 1991.It continues with Alina, the daughter of the murdered man, running a business in Moscow and coming up against two men investigating a big theft from an insurance company. The two men are themselves unaware of their connection – one was the assassin, one the CIA man – and so the scene is set for a game of plot and counter plot involving love, revenge and millions of dollars culminating in the tiny town of Moscow, Idaho, USA.Moscow USA has all of Stevens’s trademark elements – double-shock suspense, a great sense of humanity, topicality, inside knowledge and intelligence.

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