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Midnight Remembered

Midnight Remembered

Midnight Remembered
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2019 год
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Men with secret identites and hidden agendas–sworn to protect…and tamed by love.HE COULDN'T REMEMBERHow could he forget a past as a hardened CIA agent–or a partner as alluring as Paige Daniels? She could help him remember who he had been, why their lives were suddenly in danger and why, if they'd only been partners, he wanted her so much….SHE COULDN'T FORGETJoshua Stone. After three long years of believing him dead, seeing him stole her breath away. They'd been partners and, for one magical night, lovers. Paige had loved and lost him once–did she dare risk her heart again…to a man whose body obviously remembered her, but whose mind did not?

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Год издания: 2019

ISBN (EAN): 9781474023016