In Freedom's Cause

In Freedom's Cause
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  • Preface
  • Chapter I. GLEN CAIRN
  • Chapter II. Leaving Home
  • Chapter III. Sir William Wallace
  • Chapter IV. The Capture of Lanark
  • Chapter V. A Treacherous Plot
  • Chapter VI. The Barns of Ayr
  • Chapter VII. The Cave in the Pentlands
  • Chapter VIII. The Council at Stirling
  • Chapter IX. The Battle of Stirling Bridge
  • Chapter X. The Battle of Falkirk
  • Chapter XI. Robert The Bruce
  • Chapter XII. The Battle of Methven
  • Chapter XIII. The Castle of Dunstaffnage
  • Chapter XIV. Colonsay
  • Chapter XV. A Mission to Ireland
  • Chapter XVI. An Irish Rising
  • Chapter XVII. The King’s Blood Hound
  • Chapter XVIII. The Hound Restored
  • Chapter XIX. The Convent of St. Kenneth
  • Chapter XX. The Heiress of the Kerrs
  • Chapter XXI. The Siege of Aberfilly
  • Chapter XXII. A Prisoner
  • Chapter XXIII. The Escape from Berwick
  • Chapter XXIV. The Progress of the War
  • Chapter XXV. The Capture of a Stronghold
  • Chapter XXVI. Edinburgh
  • Chapter XXVII. Bannockburn