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Blind Instinct

Blind Instinct

Blind Instinct
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2018 год
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She Knows His Secrets… One of them is that she has to die Within hours of finding a Nazi World War II codebook in her father’s attic, librarian Sara Fischer becomes a target. Afraid for her life, Sara calls in a debt. FBI agent Marc Bayard moves in the shadowy world that Sara has fallen into and may be the only one who can guide her out.In a race to reveal the secrets of a Nazi code, Sara and Marc are catapulted into the cutthroat world of international intrigue and politics. Sara wants to believe she is more than a means to an end for Marc.And with history repeating itself, she is aware that this time their survival depends on whether or not they are able to see through the mistakes of their past.

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Год издания: 2018

ISBN (EAN): 9781408910917