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I’ll Bring You Buttercups

I’ll Bring You Buttercups

I’ll Bring You Buttercups
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2018 год
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The unforgettably stirring wartime tale of passion, heartbreak and tragedy from the bestselling author of A Scent of Lavender and The Willow Pool.From love springs tragedy, from tragedy comes hope…It is 1931 and Rowangarth, Yorkshire is a rural arcadia for sewing-maid Alice Hawthorn and young gamekeeper Tom Dwerryhouse. For Julia Sutton, daughter of Alice's employer, it is also a time of unfolding love for the handsome doctor, Andrew MacMalcolm. But with the outbreak of war their lives will be changed for ever…As Tom and Andrew volunteer to fight for King and Empire so too do Alice and Julia as VAD nurses on the Western Front. All find trials that will test them – and their love – to the limit as passion and hope are tempered by heartbreak and sorrow.

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Год издания: 2018

ISBN (EAN): 9780007397976