Hard Night in the Suburbs

Hard Night in the Suburbs
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Hard Night in Suburb – new murder mystery from Elena Breus (Almaty, Kazakhstan)

This novel is about a mysterious murder and it is so thrilling that you could not put it down until the very last page to discover if special agent Paul Krosby had succeded in finding murderer. Really enjoyable reading with vivid, quirky characters, intriguing plot and unexpected outcome. Presented book is Elena's first publication experience and many other interesting stories are on the way!

  • Prolog
  • Chapter 1. Behind the Dumpsters
  • Chapter 2. At the Zoo
  • Chapter 3. Hardware Store
  • Chapter 4. Motorcycle Racing
  • Chapter 5. The Old Boat
  • Chapter 6. Two pretty girls
  • Chapter 7. The Grey Van
  • Epilogue