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2018 год
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Jezebel, a young princess of Tyre, is destined to be married as a pawn in a political game. Determined to rule her own life, she begins an illicit affair when Jehu – a visiting prince – arrives at court. But when Jezebel is told she must marry Ahab, the king of Israel, Jehu believes she has cruelly betrayed him.Years pass, and each nurses their own secret. Jehu, unable to relinquish his love for Jezebel, grows bitter and twisted. But he is unaware of Jezebel’s greatest secret – that he is father to her eldest son, the heir to Israel’s throne.As her husband ails, Jezebel gradually assumes control of Israel. But hatred of her is being fanned by firebrand prophet Elijah and the terrifying Elisha. As they plot her downfall, Jehu circles closer and it seems the die has been cast one last time. Can Jezebel finally take control of her own destiny? Or has her time already passed?Taking the ancient Holy Land as its backdrop, Jezebel is an epic tale of love and loss. Reworked from the original Biblical tale, it charts the struggle of a strong and passionate heroine fighting for her beliefs against all odds.With its sumptuous package, Jezebel will delight fans of The Borgia Bride and the Red Tent.

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Год издания: 2018

ISBN (EAN): 9780007443215