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  • Zhzves

    Trying to improve the count of readed books in english in this year. After Cecelia Ahern’s “How to fall in love” next is Jennifer Niven’s “Holding up the Universe”. Interesting fact that both of them had been presented by my friends (Thanks a lot! Love u!). Today I will try to discuss the last one.
    It’s book about two teens who have some issues with health: Libby, which was bullied in middle school because of her overweight and her fire incident in the past and Jack who has prosopagnosia. Prosopagnosia means that you can’t recognize people’s faces.
    During the reading I tried to remember myself, what I interested in, what i did, which type of music i loved in my teenage (oh.. I was been completely different person).
    Of course in teenage period we all had problems with identify who we are. We want to be loved, need to make first adult decisions and it’s scares us. And all we were maximalists, see only black or white sides of problems. But with age we change and transform in new version of ourselves. Much better and wise, confident and tolerant.
    You know… This story of these teens reminded me one story from my teenage in school when I saw bullying and sometimes didn’t do nothing. We still get in touch with that girl, who was bullied with classmates. She doesn’t talk with anybody from her class but still save me in her life. I really don’t know why. May be because she sees in me her friend, but I think I didn’t do nothing as a real friend for her.
    Sometimes teens get cruel for each other because of misunderstanding in families or other reasons, which influence on their behavior in school. For me this book shows me my mistakes in the past. I don’t know which type of parent I’ll be in the future but one thing which I’ll do for sure is discuss with my children not to be indifferent, try to help friends or other children if they will be victims of bullying because of their freak view, overweight or different opinion.
    If talking about book’s style it’s easy for understanding and reading for me. I advise to read it who has pre-intermediate and up english level. I’m not saying about literary significance of this book because I’m not trying to compare with other young adult books. This story very close to my school life and more valuable.
    So.. I continue my “reading english books” challenge. Maybe you read some books and give me advice what to read next. Now I want to up my level and read something more difficult in vocabulary but closer for present english grammar and structure of sentences. I’ll be thankful for all advice.

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    Мне было очень интересно читать эту книгу! Главным героям достались огромные испытания, и они пытаются с достоинством их преодолевать и жить в своих необычных обстоятельствах. Книга очень проникновенная (проникает внутрь читателя), потому что приходится становиться на сторону то одного, то другого героя и видеть жизнь их глазами, испытывать их чувства, а они вовсе непростые. Особенно тяжело было прочувствовать то, что чувствовала Либби, когда ее травили за лишний вес. Прикол в том, что у каждого человека есть что-то, отличающее его от "нормы", только вот веснушки по всему лицу или оттопыренные уши можно увидеть, а внутренние изъяны - нет. Представляю, как было бы неприятно, если бы насмехались за жадность, неумение дружить и то, что срываешь свою злобу на близких. А еще - в этой истории нет пафоса; она сердечная и настоящая!
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