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From Medicine to Miracle: How My Faith Overcame Cancer

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From Medicine to Miracle: How My Faith Overcame Cancer

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2019 год


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О книге

The incredible story of how one doctor won her own personal battle against cancer through the power of prayer.Mary Self was first diagnosed with bone cancer in 1983 and underwent above-knee amputation and intensive chemotherapy. Believing that she had beaten the disease she went on to complete her studies in medicine, married her college sweetheart and, in defiance of medical assertions that she was sterile, gave birth to two beautiful children.In February 1999 however, her nightmare was to return as cancer once again ravaged her body. After surgery to remove an affected part of her lung, investigations revealed another tumour in her pelvis. Mary was told that the cancer would no longer respond to treatment and that she was terminally ill. She returned home to her family to make final arrangements, and fulfilled a wish to take her son back to Australia to show him where he had been born.After coming home from Australia, Mary's condition rapidly worsened and she was admitted to a hospice for pain control. She asked the elders of her church to visit and pray for her. They in turn asked the members of other churches to pray for Mary. Still in terrible pain she was admitted to the Birmingham bone care unit but told that there was nothing anyone could do for her. In extreme despair, Mary began to drink heavily in an attempt to blot out the prospect of death, she cried out to God for help.Shortly afterward, Mary received a call from the hospital to say that her most recent bone scan showed a shrinking of the tumour. Over the next three weeks the symptoms vanished and the pain disappeared. When she returned to Birmingham for a repeat bone scan the test was completely clear! The doctors were amazed and agreed that there was no medical explanation for her complete recovery. When she suggested to her specialist that the healing had occurred because of the prayers made on her behalf, he could only reply, 'I'll buy that!'This is a remarkable and uplifting story of how one woman looked into the face of death and survived. Her courage and faith are inspirational.

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Год издания: 2019
ISBN (EAN): 9780007460144