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The Cancer Directory

The Cancer Directory

The Cancer Directory
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2018 год
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The definitive guide to natural and complementary medicines and clinics for those who have been diagnosed with cancer and wish to know their options. This book offers vital advice and information on how to fight cancer without choosing radiotherapy, chemotherapy or surgery.In The Cancer Directory internationally renowned holistic cancer consultant Dr Rosy Daniel provides authoritative medical advice on the appropriateness and efficacy of the most commonly used alternative treatments for cancer. She explains the background and usage of each treatment, the evidence for its use and its price, source and availability.The treatments and supplements covered include:• Shark cartilage 714x• Immunotherapy vaccines• TVZ-7 lymphocyte treatments• Cat’s Claw• Maitake and Shitake mushrooms• Coenzyme Q-10This indispensable guide to holistic cancer care also reviews alternative clinics in the UK and around the world. It provides information about the therapeutic help that each provides, as well as an overview of organisations researching alternative cancer treatments and the scientific studies that are currently underway.

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Год издания: 2018

ISBN (EAN): 9780007373178