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A Very...Pregnant New Year's

A Very...Pregnant New Year's

A Very...Pregnant New Year's
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2018 год
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FAMILIES FEUD ON NEW YEAR' S EVE… A GIANT AVALANCHE STRIKES… TWO ENEMIES ARE TRAPPED IN A SNOWBOUND CABIN… When fate stranded them together, Anne Parker fought her attraction for roguish Brad Irving. She couldn' t possibly want this scoundrel– her father' s sworn enemy, breaker of hearts. Until… uh-oh! She' d just made love with the one man in the world she shouldn' t have. Yet never in her life had she felt such fierce desire as she felt now for Brad. And soon a baby was on the way… Would their child be raised a Parker or an Irving? Or was this finally the truce they were looking for?

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Год издания: 2018

ISBN (EAN): 9781472076175