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Snoutie and His Friends

Snoutie and His Friends
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Snoutie and his Friends is an illustrated story for children that tells about the amazing adventures of Snoutie and his friends in the Big Magical Forest *** Join Snoutie on a wondrous visit to the Magical Forest, where you will sample tasty dishes at Royal Chef Rabbit’s restaurant, set sail with Burly Boary in an enchanted pumpkin, and learn how to fly a hot-air balloon with Young Ostrich. Make a snowman with Croaky the Feel-Good Froggy and let Little Penguin show you just what he can do with a top hat. The adventures never end in the Magical Forest !

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Little Snoutie was a dear, comical little creature, who looked like a funny cross between a baby elephant and a piglet. The most incredible thing about his face was his snunk, which was a short trunk that ended in the small button of a snout.
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