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Nora's Pride

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2018 год
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CONNOR WAS THE ONLY MAN SHE'D EVER LOVED…And he'd crushed her heart into a thousand painful pieces when he'd left town without a backward glance. Thoughts of Connor Devlin filled Nora McCall with hot fury–even hotter than the passion that had engulfed them both during their one night together. A night that left Nora with a lifetime of memories…and a daughter.AND NOW HE WAS BACK.For twelve long years, Connor had needed, craved, longed for raven-haired Nora McCall–and cursed the great sacrifice he'd made in order to save her family. Now he had returned to face his demons and fight for Nora's love. But Connor hadn't expected to face the shock of his life–a lovely young girl who called him Dad!

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Год издания: 2018

ISBN (EAN): 9781472081636