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Beholden to the Throne

Beholden to the Throne

Beholden to the Throne
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2018 год
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Suitable for his bed… Outspoken nanny Amy Bannester seems to forget that servitude and silence should go hand in hand. But Sheikh Emir can think of more pleasurable uses for her luscious mouth… But not as his bride! Despite their allconsuming passion, the rules governing the desert kingdom of Alzan make it impossible for Amy to wear his crown.He lost his first wife as she gave birth to his precious twin daughters, but Emir must have a male heir for his lineage to continue – and it’s the one thing that Amy can’t give him…‘A great, indepth story with characters you really get to know. I absolutely loved it!’ – Sarah, PA, Chelmsford

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Год издания: 2018

ISBN (EAN): 9781472001498