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Lonesome Ryder: Lonesome Ryder / Restaurant Romeo

Lonesome Ryder: Lonesome Ryder / Restaurant Romeo

Lonesome Ryder: Lonesome Ryder / Restaurant Romeo
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2018 год
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Meet the bachelor cousins of Hoot's Roost, Oklahoma, where love comes sweepin' down the plain!Lonesome Ryder? by Carol FinchRun over by a stampeding bull and bulldozed by a cheating ex-wife, rancher Wade Ryder doesn't want anything to do with women. Too bad for him that his tricky cousins decide a woman is just what he needs. They've hired gorgeous Laura Seymour to keep house for ol' Wade until he recuperates. Will this headstrong beauty temper the surly beast? Or will Ryder be lonesome tonight?Restaurant Romeo by Carol FinchMeat 'n taters were just fine for the menfolk of Hoot's Roost. But when Stephanie Lawson turns her family's diner into a five-star restaurant–with the female population's approval–a battle of the sexes seems about to ensue. But the men have a secret weapon–ladies' man and cowboy Quint Ryder. His mission is to use his legendary charm to seduce headstrong Stephanie into changing her haute cuisine back to blue-plate specials. However, Stephanie seems to be the one woman immune to his charm. Will Quint win her heart…or die trying like that other Romeo?

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Год издания: 2018

ISBN (EAN): 9781474025553