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Twice the Temptation

Twice the Temptation

Twice the Temptation
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2018 год
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Playing with Reese Reese Brightman has a busy life. . . and a secret fantasy: to play with a no-strings-attached boy toy!When she arrives at the resort she and her sisters own, gorgeously rumpled Mac Davies seems to be up to the task. Who’d have guessed he’d be the best sex she’d ever had? And what would it take to get a repeat performance? Saving Brie Being witness to a mob hit lands Brie Sullivan at remote Haworth House for her own protection.Still, she also gets an irresistibly sexy new bodyguard, Cody Marsh! Why not indulge in her fantasy of one wild night with him? It’s not like all that amazing sex will kill her. But if she keeps distracting Cody, somebody else might…

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Год издания: 2018

ISBN (EAN): 9781408922248