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Be My Valentine: Short Story Collection

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2019 год
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“Happiness is our honeymoon, no matter what may come next.And to think that I almost gave it all up…”Fall in love with three fabulous new authors – Nikki Moore, Brigid Coady and Teresa F Morgan – and these gorgeously poignant short stories about love in all its forms.Go on, treat yourself this Valentine’s Day!Praise for Brigid Coady:'Poignant, funny, realistic yet romantic… I loved them.' – Katie Fforde‘A little literary canapé – one delicious bite and it’s gone but it certainly left me wanting more.’ – One More PagePraise for Teresa Morgan:‘A perfect read for anyone who has their head in the clouds for love.’ – Pajama Book Girl‘This book encompasses all the elements of a truly fantastic chick-lit novel.’ – Cosmochicklitan

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Год издания: 2019

ISBN (EAN): 9780007582204