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Nicholas II: the Emperor Who Knew the Fate

Here I systematized little-known facts of biography of last Russian Emperor Nicholas II, related, in particular, with the predictions and prophecies, which he has received during his life, and I have built these facts in one time line – in result, the surprising picture has opened. The surprising picture has allowed completely on new to look at a history of his reign, his character, a life and destiny. Nicholas II tried to overcome a Fate many times: in 1899 (the Hague peace conference); then (most decisively) in March, 1905 (an attempt to abdicate and to head the Russian Orthodox Church); and then again and again but he could not overcome the Fate. His attempts to overcome a Fate are the main essence and content of this book.

In 2009, the St. Petersburg Documentary Film Studio has released a documentary on my script, titled "The Emperor, who knew the fate" (directed by Roman Yershov) – about the last Russian Emperor Nicholas II. The film won eight of diplomas and prizes at international film festivals (in Russia and Ukraine), including two awards for best screenplay, and the grand prize for best director.

The film on IMBd= http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1833718/ .

Below I will first briefly tell of the film (synopsis), and then describe in detail the essence of real events in the life of Nicholas II, which are reflected in the film.

Absolutely all lines of the story are created on a documentary basis.

Much more details all the facts set out below are described in my big book "Emperor, Who Knew the Fate. And Russia, Who Did not Knew" (published by "BHV-Petersburg", 2011).


1891. Young Heir Nicholas during round-the-world travel in April, 1891 in Japan at will of a case meets known Japanese monk-eremite. The old man predicts to him and Russia a set of heavy tests at the next years and threat for a life within the next few days. Next day the Japanese policeman makes attempt to kill his.

1896-1898. In five years (at September, 1896, soon after a marriage and Crowning), during official visit to England, Prince of Wales shows him a horoscope for date of his birth, made earlier at the request of prince by famous English predictor (Louis Hamon aka Cheiro) who has already had time to become famous in Europe for the exact predictions to some political leaders and heads of state, ministers, other known people.

The prediction for Nicholas II spoken: "Whoever the man is that these numbers, birth dates, etc., represent, he will be haunted all his life by fears of war and bloodshed. He will do his utmost to prevent war, but his Destiny is so intimately associated with such things that his name will be bound up with two of the bloodiest wars in human history; at the end of the second he will lose all he loves most, his immediate family will be massacred, and he himself will meet a violent death."

The life of Imperial family in Russia goes on by normal course, but once, after a meeting with known Russian economist (who has written earlier a large book against the future wars), In 1898 Nicholas recollects Cheiros prediction and he makes a decision to overcome a Fate: to call on all world leaders and organize the world conference on disarmament for prevention of wars (the Hague peace conferences May 1899).

1901. In March of this year there are 100 years from the date of murder of emperor Paul I. From that time in the former palace of emperor Paul (in suburb of St. Petersburg) there is stored the letter with the predictions of monk Abel (sealed by Paul's personal seal). Emperor Paul bequeathed "To open the letter to my descendant in centenary day of my death". In April, 1901, being pleased with a unusual adventure, Nicholas and his wife empress Alexandra come to the former Pauls palace. Nicholas opens sealers on an envelope and reads the letter: it is the predictions of monk Abel which lived in those years (1757-1841) and has made predictions for all future Russian emperors, up to Nicholas II and further for Russia. All predictions up to 1901 already precisely had happened (had taken place): monk Abel has predicted all events, including the names of Russian emperors (Nicholas's ancestors) with surprising accuracy. A prediction of the monk for Nicholas are gloomy: two wars, two revolutions, destruction of Imperial family in 1918 and accession above Russia of a godless yoke (Bolshevism). Nicholas and Alexandra are shocked. Alexandra does not want to believe in it.

Meanwhile in Imperial family the fourth daughter (Anastasia) is born. A Heir is not born on former. The French doctor and occultist (Filipp Vashon) and famous priest John Kronshtadtsky advise Nicholas and Alexandra to address to Seraphim Sarovsky's heavenly protection.

1903. During glorification in city of Sarov (city of Seraphim's monastery), Nicolai and Alexandra receive two posthumous prophetical messages from Saint Seraphim. One of these letters was forged (from Department of police) and the second (original) letter was from the widow of secretary of Seraphim Sarovsky (Elena Motovilova, 80 years old). In the evening of July 20, 1903 they read the big message of Saint Seraphim in which many events of Nicolai's reign are predicted, including the Russia-Japanese war, and – again – the awful end for Russia and for Imperial family in 1917-1918.

1904-1905. In 100 days after Sarov's celebrations, in Imperial family the Heir is born. It is soon found out, that he is sick of a hemophilia. Meanwhile, by 1904 on the Far East are weaved into hard unit of the contradiction between England and Japan, on the one hand, and Russia – on the another hand. Though Nicholas, for the sake of preservation of the world, is ready to compromise with Japan (and for a day prior to the beginning of war agrees on all its conditions), Japan nevertheless begins war, intentionally not having waited several hours before official telegram of the consent of Nicholas on all conditions of Japan.

1905. The war against Japan goes unsuccessfully for Russia. In Russia there are a disunion and revolution. Nicholas II see that a gloomy part of predictions of Japanese hermit, English predictor, monk Abel and Saint Seraphim comes true, and he again tries to overcome own Fate. In March, 1905, he meet with representatives of ROC (Russian Orthodox Church) and suggests to Archbishop and priests of ROC to restore patriarchate. Thus simultaneously he want to proclaim a renunciation of a throne and head ROC. Representatives of Church are silent. Nicholas is indignant by their silence and leaves assembly. After that Rasputin appears in Alexander Palace (in St. Petersburg's suburb where Imperial family lived since 1903) Nicholas comes into force, temporarily gets rid of influence of hostile opposition, builds the Duma monarchy (the Russian version of a constitutional monarchy). Stolypin carries out reforms. Revolution is suppressed.

1907. A political and economic approach of Russia with England begins. In August, 1907 Cheiro (English predictor) comes to St.Petersburg on his financial affairs. He makes the acquaintance of Minister for Foreign Affairs (Izvolsky) and makes to him a horoscope, and tells about future war (1914-1918). The minister tells about it to Nicolai II. Emperor invites Cheiro in the Peterhof palace. He is struck, having found out in Nicholas of that English gentleman who came to him in Cambridge in September, 1896. Nicholas asks to make for him two horoscopes – for Alexandra and Heir (baby Alexei). The same 1917-1918 arise for them as fatal years. After this events Cheiro meets with Stolypin and later – with Rasputin. They do not trust in made for them Cheiro's predictions.

1916. The First world war go on. The Russian pilots deployed near mountain Ararat (in Turkestan district) during one of flights see the Noah Ark (the glaciers on a southern slope of mountain has thawed because of extremely hot summer). Nicholas II receives the message about Noah Ark. He and Alexandra perceive it as last sign before Russia's crash. However, Nicholas and Alexandra for a long time already have decided to execute the duty to Russia up to the end. Nicholas orders to send to Ararat powerful expedition (150 person) for detection of the Noah Ark. Expedition achieves the purpose, measures and photograph the Ark, and in the beginning of 1917 sends documents and samples of a covering of the Ark to Petrograd (the name of St. Petersburg since August, 1914). Since March 9, 1917 Nicholas together with family appears under arrest in Alexander palace. Materials of expedition to Ararat vanish in perishing Russian Atlantis…

1917. March 2, 1917. The generals plot (conspiracy) was the last link in the chain of events and fatal obstacles which led to the overthrow of the monarchy Nicholas II was isolated in Pskov and had no communication with either the Commanders or anybody else. He understood that now the conspirators would not stop at anything. Nicholas did not want to strife and split in the Army and Russia, and he agreed to an allegedly voluntary abdication… ..So, in those days, all main predictions came true: they all called the year 1917 a fatal one: when he would be betrayed by his surroundings and would be forced to sacrifice himself for the sake of Russia, while he personally would lose everything.

Detailed exposition

The last Russian Emperor Nicholas II was born in 1868, murdered in 1918…

His biography seems to have been studied through the length and breadth, but the farther we get away from the events of those days, the more secrets history reveals to us… So many obstacles of the life of the last Russian Emperor are extremely unusual and enigmatic till now. I decided to tell you about them here.


In 1890-91, Prince Nicholas travelled in the East. He visited Egypt, India, Burma (Myanma), Indonesia, and China. In Japan, an old guardian of the Russian cemetery told him about a famous Japanese hermit, monk Terakuto: this monk was able to read people’s fates. He lived not far from Kyoto.

Visiting Kyoto was in Nicholas’s plan for Japan.

On April 28, escorted by Greek Prince George and interpreter Marquis Ito, Nicholas met with Terakuto.

Marquis Ito quoted two of Terakuto’s prophesies in his memoirs.

The first: “The danger is lingering over your head, but the death will step back, wherefore a cane will be stronger than a sword… and the cane will then shine and glitter.” The second: “Great sorrows and convulsions are apprehending you and your country. You will be fighting for everyone, and everyone will be against you. Beautiful flowers grow at the edge of an abyss, but their poison is pestiferous: children long to the flowers and fall down into the abyss if they do not listen to their Father… There is no sacrifice blessed more than the one you made for your entire people… I see tongues of fire above yours and your family’s heads…

A few days after this meeting with Terakuto, an attempt on Nicholas’s life was made in the town of Otsu.

…Policeman Tsuda Sandzo pulled out his samurai sword and hit Nicholas on his head twice. Greek Prince George saved Nicholas’s life having deflected the third blow aside with his cane. Rickshaws seized and disarmed the assailant.

(Later on) by order of Alexander III the cane that had played such an outstanding role was decorated with adamants and given back Prince Gtorge.

As Terakuto had predicted, “the cane turned out to be stronger than the sword, and the cane started shining with glitter…” The first of the two prophecies came true.

For a few days, Nicholas remained sad… But he was only 23, and his melancholy could not last long… It is hard to believe that he was able to perceive the gist of the second prophecy at the time…


…Five years passed. They embraced his father’s death (Alexander III), his marriage to Hessian Princess Alice, the official coronation in Moscow, and numerous peoples’ deaths during the coronation festivities at the Khodynka Field…

By the way, according some data, the mass stampede took place not only at Khodynka Field in Moscow in 1896, but also earlier – at Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria in London (in 1887): in the memoirs of Russian general Kuropatkin (due to the "Khodynka" in May 1896 in Moscow), we read: "The Duke of Edinburgh said that during the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the reign of Queen Victoria had 2,500 people were killed and several thousand injured and no one was embarrassed." (Nikolai II: Memoirs. Diaries. St. Petersburg., 1994. pp. 47-48.) Alexei Kouropatkin. From the diaries 1896. May 19. However, perhaps these memories is not correct, and there had mean not the 50

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Nicholas II of Russia: little-known facts of life

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